About Us

The Freelance Workspace

Our Story

GAFX is a collaborative online workspace for Producers and Freelance Artists in the Gaming, Animation, and VFX terrains. GAFX unites producers and freelance artists under the same roof. While producers gain access to creative talent for swift project execution, freelancers get to bid for a large choice of remunerative projects. What’s more, GAFX leverages cloud-based technology to offer unmatched ease, security and value for producers and artists.

GAFX is passionate above revolutionizing this space by delivering superior value for producers. The virtual, cloud-based workspace including storage and rendering ensures complete production capabilities thus allowing producers to save on time and infrastructure costs. A host of other unmatched benefits makes GAFX the online citadel for producers.

Whether you are a large, established studio, small, growing production house or a start-up, GAFX is the definitive freelance resource to fastrack your upcoming projects and support your in-house team, besides delivering significant cost advantages.

GAFX is an initiative of Mr. Udai Krishna, A passionate entrepreneur and co-founder of GAFX. He is a VFX industry veteran with 18 years of experience in the digital media and entertainment industry. His vast professional experience and techno-art skills are invaluable to GAFX.

Our Purpose

To enable a thriving and indispensable online marketplace that acts as a bridge between all mutually-dependent players in the eco-system whilst giving a fillip to the progress of the digital media and entertainment sector, specifically, the Animation, VFX and Gaming domains.

Our Values

  • To conduct business in a fair, transparent and ethical manner
  • To ensure professionalism and passion at work
  • To drive value for all stakeholders through innovation and excellence
  • To abide by the laws of the land and the norms of the company