Rahul Gedam
Digital Director

About Me

My name is Rahul Gedam, I am a dedicated and hardworking professional finished my graduation in Digital Direction at Supinfocom International Campus, India (http://www.dsksic.com).


Work History (0)

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Work Experiences

  • Character Modelling (Internship)

    Assemblage Entertainment

    June 2014 - July 2014

    Interned as a character modeler at Assemblage Studio worked on the film Norm Of the North

  • Blocking/ Animation (Internship)

    Assemblage Entertainment

    July 2015 - August 2015

    In my second internship at Assemblage studio I worked on a dvd film called Swan
    Princess. During my internship I went through all the different aspects of animation starting
    from layout to cleanup.

  • Director - Modelling Lead - Technical Director - Animation

    DSK Supinfocom Rubika

    September 2015 - June 2016

    Project :- Little Love Bites (Graduation Short Film)
    My Main responsibilities in this film were Modelling Lead and Technical Director.
    Apart from that I also did Animation, Rigging (Blendshapes, Skinning)

  • Modelling Lead - Rigging ( Freelance )

    Brainplay Media

    May 2017 - Now

    Project :- App
    My Main responsibilities in this project is to model and rig the characters.
    Apart from that I also guide the team under me for modelling.

  • Modelling - Texturing ( Freelance )

    A Large Evil Corp.

    January 2017 - Now

    Project :- Pop Funko Commercials
    My Main responsibilities in this project is to model and texture the characters assigned to me.


  • Digital Director

    DSK Supinfocom Rubika,

    June 2011 - November 2016