Render Farm - Coming Soon

GAFX Render Farm empowers Animation, Gaming and VFX studios with exceptional computational power. The sprawling reach of its globally-accessible infrastructure, enables incredible project execution value for studios/artists.

GAFXC understands that studios face erratic project schedules driven by dynamic timelines, making it virtually impossible to predict the finish time. GAFX comes in at this critical juncture to help expedite rendering and other mission critical tasks, thus allowing studios to focus on the core tasks – artistic excellence and benchmark quality, while GAFX takes care of the infrastructure.

GAFX aims to be the preferred rendering hub for Animation, Gaming and VFX studios by facilitating complete production tools and licensed software such as Nuke, Maya, 3DS, Max, Houdini FX and more. GAFX’s turbo-rendering allows for ultra-fast rendering to the cloud, acting as a vital resource for studios racing against time to meet stiff deliverables.